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Coast To Coast Legal Funding offers Low Cost Cash Advances for Personal Injury Victims.

Personal injury victims and their attorneys often have a problem that cannot be served by traditional financing sources.

They may be out of work after an accident, and need money to pay the bills or to pay medical expenses stemming from their injury. But unfortunately, many people have little or no financial cushion to fall back on.

This can create a financial crisis for the injury victim that puts them at the mercy of the defendant's insurer, to settle for a quick - and unreasonably low - settlement. What's worse, defendants' attorneys and insurers know that this happens, and are more than happy to exploit the plaintiff's weakness.

That's where we cut through the red-tape to provide top customer service.

So what are you waiting for? Do it now!

Structured Settlements and Annuities

If you are receiving payments from the settlement of a lawsuit, winning a lottery, an insurance annuity, or another kind of annuity.

If you would prefer to get paid out in one lump sum payment, rather than small payments stretched out over a number of years.

You deserve and need an experienced, caring partner to get the deal done as quickly as possible.

Why Coast to Coast Legal Funding?

Experience. If you're looking to sell a structured settlement, you shouldn't work with just any funding company. There are specific legal requirements to many of these types of purchases, and some even require court approval. Working with an inexperienced funding company could result in unnecessary delays or even in a judge denying the sale of the structured settlement payments.

Customer Service. At Coast to Coast, buying structured settlements and annuity contracts is one of our main areas of expertise. Our team has years of experience in this area. But it's not just that we get the deal done. We also provide outstanding customer service, and quick and easy access to your money.

Speed. You should also beware of companies that promise too much. It usually takes at least 70 days, from your initial contract with us to complete the funding process. Anyone promising that it will take less time is not telling you the truth!

Communication. At Coast to Coast we feel that it is better to give our customers the straight story and always set realistic expectations for them. We never want to make a promise to you that we can't keep. We know that our customers want and need their money now, but the law requires that a judge approve the transfer of payment rights, and that takes time.

In the meantime, Coast to Coast pledges to keep you updated as the case progresses so you are not left in the dark.

Time to take that first step! To start the process, we will need a description of your annuity payment, which you can send us through our automated quote request form.

Fill out the quote request, send it to us and we will give you a call right away. All we need is 5 minutes of your time on the phone to give you all of the basic information about what we can do for you.

Or, if you have questions before you start filling out the form, you can skip the form and just give us a call.

It's that simple.

So do it now!

Thanks so much for your business.


"The folks at Coast To Coast Legal Funding are so fair and reasonable that when any of my clients need an advance on their pending lawsuit, I recommend CTC."

-Attorney Scott J.
West Palm Beach, FL
"If you need a cash advance to help pay bills and keep your family secure, at Coast To Coast Legal Funding we promise to do all we can to help you get the money you need now!"

-Phil Greenberg
Coast To Coast Legal Funding

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