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How It Works

How It Works
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CTC Legal Funding would like to help relieve the financial pressure of your lawsuit by providing cash funding. By using our legal finance service, you can get the money you need now while your case goes through what can be a long legal process.

As a plaintiff who may be up against a defendant with deep pockets, you could find your finances strained to the limit. Legal finance can help you avoid feeling pressured to accept a settlement too early for too little.

In effect, CTC Legal Funding levels the playing field. Defendants may have huge resources to mount their defense, but now you have access to legal finance made available through CTC. Litigation finance buys you time by providing the money you need now. And it gives your lawyer more time to work on your case to get a fair settlement or a judgment at trial.

While the legal process may be long and complex, our litigation finance application process is easy.

You can begin your free application for plaintiff cash funding in one of two ways.

You can complete our online application here, or if you would like to speak with us directly regarding a plaintiff cash advances, call us toll free (888) 317-0880.

Next Steps - The Play by Play

Once you've submitted an application online or by phone, we'll contact your attorney by fax for documentation required to qualify your case for funding. We'll handle all the legal help documentation necessary for funding directly with your lawyer.

We'll mail you a copy of our request so that you may follow up with your attorney's office for legal help.

As your lawyer has built your case file, he or she has gathered various legal documents that will help you get approval for funding. Your lawyer can supply us with copies of documents (not originals) for funding. Typically we'll need one or more of the following:

• Police, accident, or incident report

• Proof of defendant's insurance coverage

• Summary of medical bills and treatment to date

• Other materials that are required for your specific case and legal help

Your application for funding will move forward with the receipt of the documents.

Funding is based on the strength of a case. Our team of legal, business and financial professionals carefully reviews the documentation of each lawsuit to assess the probability of a win at trial or an out of court settlement. From that, we determine if your case qualifies for funding.


"The folks at Coast To Coast Legal Funding are so fair and reasonable that when any of my clients need an advance on their pending lawsuit, I recommend CTC."

-Attorney Scott J.
West Palm Beach, FL
"If you need a cash advance to help pay bills and keep your family secure, at Coast To Coast Legal Funding we promise to do all we can to help you get the money you need now!"

-Phil Greenberg
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