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Fire & Explosion Cases/Burn Injuries

Fire & Explosion Cases/Burn Injuries Fires can account for catastrophic losses of property, medical bills, injury, illness, and unfortunately sometimes death. Many of these fires are caused by someone's negligence. Serious burns are often the result of house or residential and commercial building fires, scalding water, vehicle accidents, electrical fires, industrial chemicals or fires, and gas explosions. Coast To Coast Legal Funding can provide funding to assist family members who have been rendered homeless by a home fire, suffered the loss of a "bread winner", or rendered disabled by a severe burn injury.

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"The folks at Coast To Coast Legal Funding are so fair and reasonable that when any of my clients need an advance on their pending lawsuit, I recommend CTC."

-Attorney Scott J.
West Palm Beach, FL
"If you need a cash advance to help pay bills and keep your family secure, at Coast To Coast Legal Funding we promise to do all we can to help you get the money you need now!"

-Phil Greenberg
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