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Attorney Advantages

Attorney Advantages Attorneys are often faced with situations in which a client is under pressure to settle a case quickly and at a significant discount, because the client can't afford to hold out for more money. Defendants' attorneys know this, and may exploit the plaintiffs' financial straits to their advantage.

Plaintiffs' attorneys are often asked for advances or loans by their clients, with the expectation that the proceeds of the case will repay the loan/advance. Unfortunately, this is not something that attorneys may ethically do, and could subject them to disciplinary action and even possible disbarment.

It can be very frustrating to an attorney having their hands tied, while knowing that if only their client was able to stick it out, the case would yield a much higher settlement.

This is where Coast to Coast can relieve some of the pressure on plaintiffs to settle quickly and cheaply. This benefits both the plaintiffs and their attorneys. For example, if your client is forced to accept $200,000 on a case worth $500,000 because he is currently unable to meet his financial obligations, your client will lose almost $200,000. But this can also cost the attorney almost $100,000 in fees.

For information about this and other benefits, please call or e-mail us today. Even if you don't currently have a client in need of funding, it may be helpful to you to get the facts now!


"The folks at Coast To Coast Legal Funding are so fair and reasonable that when any of my clients need an advance on their pending lawsuit, I recommend CTC."

-Attorney Scott J.
West Palm Beach, FL
"If you need a cash advance to help pay bills and keep your family secure, at Coast To Coast Legal Funding we promise to do all we can to help you get the money you need now!"

-Phil Greenberg
Coast To Coast Legal Funding

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